Winegard FL5000C Translucent FlatWave Review

The Good: Highest signal rating of any flat antenna, built by the antenna experts at Winegard and you can tell by the quality that it’s not some foreign knock-off.

The Bad: Only downside was I had to travel to a local Costco to pick one up. Currently not available online. Worth the trip!

Overall Review: Extremely powerful antenna in a very compact size. If your looking for an indoor antenna that blends into the surrounds and provides excellent signal strength, this is the one for you.

The new Winegard FlatWave FL5000C digital TV antenna is ultra-thin and is completely translucent, blending into the surroundings and letting light pass through your windows. We tested the FL5000C against other Winegard antennas as well as the competition (Antennas Direct & Mohu) and the FlatWave came out the winner in every way. More channels, higher signal strength and the new translucent design can’t be beat.

Taking the antenna apart you find high-grade made in the U.S.A. electronics that have been expertly put together. You can see a true difference in quality versus the overseas built competition.



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